Support TPS for Filipinos

Typhoon Haiyan brought about unparalleled destruction and devastation as it rampaged across the Central Philippines and many surrounding islands. In its aftermath, almost 6,000 were left dead, 27,000 people were injured, and more than 4 million people became displaced. Overall, Typhoon Haiyan affected over 12 million people and caused hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of damage. Thus, the Philippines is struggling to deal with a desperate refugee situation, and to reabsorb thousands of its nationals would only cause further injury to its already delicate and damaged infrastructure.

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) can be granted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to a foreign country if the conditions in that country temporarily prevent the country’s nationals from returning safely or the country is unable to safely facilitate the return of its nationals. Temporary Protected Status (TPS) would stop deportations of Filipinos and provide working authorization that will empower Filipinos in the US to more effectively aid their own home country. Although the U.S. is directing food and other relief aid to the Philippines, another crucial method of aid is designating TPS to help Filipinos recovering from one of the worst natural disasters in recorded history.


APALA has joined Relief 2 Recovery, a national coalition advocating for TPS for the Philippines, in a combined effort to bring an end to the suffering of millions of Filipinos and support them on the road to recovery. Relief 2 Recovery represents millions of Filipino-Americans and works with thousands of other allies to push for nationwide support of TPS and other humanitarian aid efforts to the Philippines

For more on why TPS is important for Filipinos, see the video below:


Fast for Families

In an selfless effort to push for immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship, youth advocacy groups, labor unions, members of congress, faith leaders, and dedicated members of the community have risen in solidarity to participate in a fast for the unification of families.
In June of 2013, the U.S. Senate passed a comprehensive immigration bill (S.744), signifying a win towards fixing our broken immigration system and giving 11 million aspiring citizens a chance to achieve the American Dream. However, Republican leadership remained stubborn and continues to prevent legislation strongly supported by our community and groups across the nation to come to a vote. Meanwhile, everyday more and more families are torn apart due to arbitrary deportation quotas, the death toll rises are our increasingly militarized borders, and workers are subject to exploitation in the workplace.

To urge Speaker Boehner and other members of Congress to pass common sense immigration reform, DJ Yoon of NAKASEC (The National Korean American Service and Education Consortium), Christian Avila of Mi Familia Vota, Secretary-Treasurer of SEIU Eliseo Medina, and Lisa Sharon Harper of Sojourners went 22 days without food.

F4F 6

During a press conference on December 3rd, many members of Congress including Nancy Pelosi and Judy Chu, Secretary of Labor Tom Perez, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, labor rights activists, youth immigration advocates, and other community members gathered to show their support and witness the passing of the fast to other committed advocates of immigration reform.
F4F Stitch

On Tuesday, December 10th, APALA, The Leadership Conference, and other immigrant rights organizations gathered at the National Mall to further lend their support to the Fast for Families movement and celebrate Human Rights Day



APALA Calls for Community and Labor Solidarity for Victims of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan)

Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda has left tens of thousands of people struggling in the wake of its devastation. To help our brothers and sisters in desperate need, APALA kindly ask for your generosity and compassion in financially donating whatever you can to send food, water, blankets, medicine, and other relief materials to the Philippines. Please click the link below for more information:

Haiyan 2